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New facility opens for media students
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  • Date : 2019-04-10

New facility opens for media students

KU holds Media Creators Bunker Opening Ceremony

Cutting-edge broadcast facility available for students


On Thursday, March 28 at 2pm, Korea University held an opening ceremony for the Media Creators Bunker at the Media Hall.


The ceremony was joined by Korea University President Chung Jin Taek; Executive Vice President for Research Ree Jin Han; Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism & Mass Communication Kim Sung Tae and Student President of the School of Media & Communication Seo Ye Won. Lecturers and students from the School of Media & Communication and students of the three campus broadcasting stations KTN, KUBS and KUTV also participated in the event which was emceed by Director of the Educational Media Center Park Ji Hoon.


President Chung said that he’s been watching ‘vlogs’ these days and added that “as we are currently living in a society where people are increasingly using videos to communicate, share information and gain knowledge, it is said that the Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead us into a video era. We cannot forecast the future of videos but one thing we can say for sure is that creative content will play a critical role in shaping its future.”



Recognizing the importance of videos in today’s society, the CJ Creator Library (CCL) located in the Central Plaza was built two years ago to help students create their own videos.


The SBS Studio in the Media Creators Bunker has high ceilings and a great deal of floor space. It allows students not only to create individual social media videos but also to produce (other video content such as broadcast new and movies using sets and special effects.) news for broadcast and make movies with special effects. The studio can also be used as a learning space to teach video production.


The new studio is equipped with cutting-edge facilities and will help foster partnerships with the broadcasting industry. “It will help cement Korea University as a global leader in media education,” said President Chung.


“The School of Media & Communication and the Educational Media Center have played a key role in media education and production. Today’s opening ceremony is extremely meaningful as media education and production can now take place in a single location inside the Media Hall. The Media Creators Bunker will help students grow together through discussion and collaboration. I hope our students will become future leaders of the global media industry.”



After the tape-cutting ceremony, the participants were given a tour of the studio and its secondary control room which was designed and built by MBC. The facilities are regarded as one of the best among universities and broadcasting companies in Korea.


As President Chung switched on the production system, the opening ceremony began with a video introducing students involved in various campus broadcasting stations including KTN, KUBS, and TEDxKU. Next, the new facilities were introduced, including the new sound studio, editing room, and various other equipment. The total budget of which was KRW 700 million.


After the tour of the control room, Pistachio, a student band within the School of Media & Communication put on a performance of two popular Korean songs which was broadcast live from the studio. One of the songs called ‘Sunset Glow’ was performed by the students working in the campus broadcasting stations along with everyone from the Educational Media Center. Towards the end of the song, President Chung joined in, to share his excitement with the students. At the end of the performance he again congratulated everyone on the opening of the new facility.


The event ended with the students from KTN, the campus TV station introducing various broadcasting equipment to the participants.


Since its opening in 1995, the Educational Media Center has managed the campus TV station KTN and educational station KUBS and has been responsible for all campus broadcasting equipment. The center has produced university promotional videos and many of its students have moved on to pursue careers in media and journalism. 

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