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JinTaek Chung, the new president of Korea University, started hi...
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  • Date : 2019-03-13

JinTaek Chung, the new president of Korea University, 

started his first day with a meeting with KU students



He had a conversation with KU students over the KUPC breakfast.


JinTaek Chung, the 20th president of Korea University, started his first day on the job by having breakfast with the students of Korea University.



On Mach 4, 2019 (Monday), the first day of the 2019 Academic Year, Chung had breakfast with some KU students at the campus cafeteria. The breakfast offered by the cafeteria is being subsidized by Korea University, which uses part of the funds raised through the KU Pride Club or KUPC, a campaign to make small contributions of as little as KRW 10,000 to Korea University. Thanks to the KUPC Breakfast Program, all KU students can have a KRW 4,000 meal for KRW 1,000 at the cafeteria.


Korea University came up with this idea to help improve the health of KU students, who often skip breakfast due to hectic morning schedules, considering that having breakfast is an important part of healthy eating. The KUPC-funded breakfast program was launched in November 2018.


“I hope that KU students can feel the warm heart of many people who care about our university through the warm meals,” said President Chung. While having breakfast at the cafeteria, he had a casual conversation with the students on various topics and the students expressed their views without reserve.

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