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Introducing Newly-built Buildings for High-quality Education and...
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  • Date : 2018-10-30

Introducing Newly-built Buildings for High-quality Education and Research

KU held a ceremony to celebrate the construction of Sudang-Samyang Faculty House.




▲ A ribbon-cutting ceremony with attendees; (from left) Kee-Hyoung Lee, KU Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs; Jung Oh Ahn, KU Executive Vice President for Sejong Campus; Yeong Hwan Kim, CEO of Samyang Group; Sung-hwan Moon, President for the Food Division of Samyang Corporation; Jung Kim, Co-Vice Chairman of Samyang Group; Won Kim, Vice Chairman of Samyang Group; Ryang Kim, Vice Chairman of Samyang Group; Yoon Kim, Chairman of Samyang Group; Jae Ho Kim, Chairman of the Korea University Foundation; Jaeho Yeom, KU President; Il-Sik Hong, former KU President; Ki-Su Lee, former KU President; Byung-Chul Kim, former KU President; Byoung Hui Kim, Member of the Korea University Foundation Board of Directors; Gil-Sung Park, KU Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs; and Kwan-Young Lee, KU Executive Vice President for Research.





On Oct. 19 at 11:30 am, Korea University held a ceremony to celebrate the construction of the Sudang-Samyang Faculty House.

The faculty house, to be used for improving the quality of education and research and the wellbeing of faculty members, was constructed based on the donation fund received by Samyang Corporation. In 2015, the chemicals and food products company made a donation in hopes of heightening the international reputation of the university and promoting developments in education.

The faculty house is a five-story building with a basement floor, providing a gross floor area of 4,213 square meters. The building will be utilized as a venue for various academic events such as faculty breakfast meetings, academic seminars, and faculty gala dinners. Among the many facilities that the building has to offer, including a tennis court and Honors Club, which will be open to any faculty member who wants to take a break from their lectures or research projects. The lounge is also expected to be particularly useful for retired professors who re-visit the university after spending several decades at the university teaching students. On the third floor, there is a garden which can accommodate large-scale outdoor events. The exterior finishing for the building embodies the shape of trees to represent the proud history of faculty and also uses a curtain wall system with a double skin façade. While increasing the effect of insulation and fully utilizing natural lighting and ventilation, the building also adopts the geothermal heat system which uses a renewable energy source, making it an eco-friendly building.



▲ A front view of the Sudang-Samyang Faculty House


Jae Ho Kim, Chairman of the Korea University Foundation, addressed the ceremony. “Universities are entrusted with a mission to contribute to the national development by providing high-quality educational services and nurturing creative intellectuals. They are also expected to provide solutions for a number of issues facing human beings by conducting in-depth research and to produce new knowledge and technical foundations for a better future. In carrying out these two missions, professors will play the most pivotal role,” said Kim. He continued, “The Sudang-Samyang Faculty House, that is completed today, will heighten the self-esteem of professors and increase their capabilities of teaching and research, which is expected to improve the university’s international status in the long run.”

KU President, Jaeho Yeom also delivered his congratulatory message. “The future of universities in the 21st century depends on the creation of knowledge in various fields. The more intellectuals we have who can provide creative solutions for complicated issues, the more likely we can create new knowledge as a result of our research efforts. These days, it seems that time and space expand to infinity, which makes it more important for talented people to communicate with each other. In that sense, I feel very happy that we now have a place where professors can refresh and recharge themselves quietly or meet other professors for active communication without any spatial barriers between them.” President Yeom continued, “This place, for communication, collaboration, and wellbeing of professors, would have been impossible without investment from the Samyang Corporation. I hope that, at the Sudang-Samyang Faculty House, where Samyang’s management philosophy is reflected, our professors, faculty members, and educators with outstanding performance will gather together to share their knowledge. The faculty house will become a place with dignity where the spirit of Sudang Lee Nam-Gyu, philosophy of the Samyang Corporation, and the pride of Korea University can be realized.”




▲ An aerial view of the SK Future Hall


Currently at Korea University, there are several other buildings under construction or planned to be constructed. The SK Future Hall, for instance, recently completed the groundwork, and the rest of the construction process has been actively ongoing. The building, scheduled for completion within the next year, will consist of spaces that are optimal for Freedom, Justice, and Truth liberal arts courses. These courses are known for encouraging students, regardless of their major, to actively participate in discussions in small groups. A total of 111 seminar rooms, 111 private rooms, and state-of-the-art ICT, IoT experience rooms are all expected to support students in concentrating on their study and creating new ideas.


The construction work for the SK Future Hall includes the renovation of the university’s main auditorium, which holds a significant meaning to the history of the university. The auditorium will be renovated into a modern, but still historical, space where large-scale lectures and cultural activities can be accommodated. Approximately 42% of the entire renovation process has been completed, and the final outcome is expected to embody a beautiful harmony between traditional and futuristic aspects.


Where the Communication Building stood, a new building for the College of Liberal Arts and another one for the College of Political Science and Economics will be constructed. These two buildings, to be built as twin buildings, will be used to fulfill the donators’ wishes. Aiming to complete the construction of the two buildings by 2020, the university will carefully listen to students and faculty members of those colleges. The estimated area for each building will be approximately 5,289 square meters including a common area. At the same, the university will also take good care of the existing users of the Communication Building. Those who have studied in the building have started to move out recently.




▲ An aerial view of the Mediheal EES (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Hall




Korea University also has quite a number of places where the construction work is under preparation. To name a few, the Mediheal EES (Earth and Environment Sciences) Hall, the General Education Hall, and the Convergence Research Hall are the examples of space innovation being carried out by the university. The Mediheal EES Hall will be an eight-story building with a basement floor, providing a gross floor area of 7,035.77 square meters. The main purpose of the building is to support energy and environment-related research in order to prepare for possible environmental changes in the future. The construction of the building will be funded by Oh-sub Kwon, CEO of L&P Cosmetic, largely known for its popular facial masks brand Mediheal, who donated KRW 12 billon back in 2016.




▲ An aerial view of the General Education Hall




The General Education Hall, to be open to any KU students regardless of their majors, will consist of lecture rooms, research labs, and student lounges. It will also accommodate some of the programs run in conjunction with local communities. According to the construction plan, the building will be a nine-story building with two basement floors, providing a gross floor area of 19,850 square meters.




▲ An aerial view of the Convergence Research Hall




Last year, Korea University launched the Convergence Medical Center in order to establish a new research infrastructure for securing core technologies and improving research capabilities by conducting convergence studies in the field of biomedical sciences. Based on the platform for the settlement of convergence research and the world-class researchers, the university aims to build a research system optimized for creative research in the medical, science, and engineering fields. The Convergence Research Hall is currently in the designing process to make it a special space for the center dedicated to educational activities and large-scale meetings.

In order to realize its ambition to lead the future of education and tomorrow of universities, it is critical for Korea University to have a solid infrastructure. KU will continuously work on enhancing the quality of its educational services, academic research, and working environment for the faculty, and welfare of everyone on the campus.




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