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The Department of Business Administration and the Department of ...
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  • Date : 2018-10-11

The Department of Business Administration and the Department of Korean Language and Literature Rank No. 1 in the JoongAng Ibo’s 2018 University Rankings by Subject







The Department of Business Administration along with the Department of Korean Language and Literature both took first place in the 2018 University Rankings by Subject recently released by JoongAng Ibo, one of Korea’s most prestigious daily newspapers.


Among the five subjects that were evaluated, including business administration, Korean language and literature, sociology, energy and nuclear power, and industrial engineering, the Department of Business Administration along with the Department of Korean Language and Literature have been ranked as the top performing departments, with the Department of Sociology also being placed in the upper ranks. The results once again confirmed KU’s traditionally strong position in the humanities and social sciences.


The Department of Business Administration was highly evaluated due to its commitment to supporting startups through not only holding biannual startup competitions but also providing winners with numerous educational opportunities and startup facilities since the establishment of its Startup Institute in 2016. An app called SOVOS, which allows users to pre-select the angle they desire when asking others to take photos, was originally incubated in the Korea University Startup Institute. The company has been ranked number one in the paid apps as well as in the camera app category in the App Store.


Moreover, Korea University, which has been ranked number one for cultivating CPAs for three consecutive years, has produced the highest number of successful candidates over the past seven years. Such outstanding achievements are due to Korea University’s proactive and consistent commitment to fostering prospective CPAs, which has allowed it to stand out among other universities. The Korea University Business School runs “Jung-Jin-Cho (精進礎)”, a CPA preparation class, and provides accounting lectures. It also gives students opportunities to associate with KU alumni who are currently working as accountants in prestigious accounting firms. Such networking allows students to take significant advantage of their practical advice in preparing for the CPA exams.


The Department of Korean Language and Literature takes pride in its excellent and well balanced research and educational capacities. According to the students’ course evaluation results, the professors in the department are positioned in the top 10% in Korea with regard to their instruction skills. In addition, the department displays a competitive edge in relation to the evenly distributed research and educational capacities among specific majors within the department. Furthermore, the department has been selected three consecutive times for participation in the BK21 project and has also been chosen for inclusion in the CORE business project. While continuing to conduct significant research, the department has recently been seeking new, promising avenues for future research. It is also striving to provide career diversification opportunities based on new educational and research approaches through Industry-University collaborations, as opposed to encouraging students onto the traditional dichotomous career paths of teachers, professors, and researchers on the one hand or media and broadcasting professionals on the other.


The Department of Sociology is proud of being the largest institution of its kind in the field of sociology in Korea, in terms of conducting various educational and autonomous activities. Specific subjects such as politics, economics, the social environment and minority issues, and culture and family issues are systematically incorporated into its diversified curriculum. Moreover, the department runs the Institute of Social Research while concentrating on furthering interdisciplinary humanities research and education.


JoongAng Ibo officially released its 2018 comprehensive university assessment rankings in October.







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