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Korea University’s CORE rated outstanding for two consecutive ye...
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  • Date : 2018-07-11

Korea University’s CORE rated outstanding for two consecutive years
Best two-year performance among 19 project groups nationwide 

Korea University’s CORE rated outstanding for two consecutive years 


Korea University’s Initiative for College of Humanities’ Research and Education (CORE) has been rated outstanding, the equivalent to an A grade, by the National Research Foundation of Korea for the second consecutive year. 

The CORE project group, with its mission of a “humanities renaissance,” has been devoted to the strengthening of the university’s competence in the humanities. Its competence and potential were acknowledged when it won the largest amount of funding based on a proposal written with the active participation of students from the College of Liberal Arts. 

In its first year, the CORE project group was highly rated for the successful introduction of the humanities-based interdisciplinary major, and the launch of various non-curriculum humanities programs, including the Veritas Forum. In its second year, it was praised for making various attempts to raise social awareness of the humanities, including a series of humanities lectures for the general public, and the development of the “One Book One Campus” program.  

The CORE project group is the only group in the Seoul metropolitan area among the 19 project groups rated as outstanding for past two years. The group’s satisfactory performance has led to a large sum of incentives for its second and third year, and the university is exerting greater efforts in order to ensure the stability and expansion of project activities. 

The participants in the CORE project group are 13 departments under the College of Liberal Arts and 7 interdisciplinary majors. In its third year, the group will offer a new interdisciplinary major titled “Reunification and International Peace” with the aim to foster talent for the coming age of a unified Korea. Having been rated as outstanding for two consecutive years, the project group plans to continue playing a key role in raising the standards of humanities education in universities.

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