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Campustown represents youth entrepreneurship
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  • Date : 2018-10-11

Campustown represents youth entrepreneurship

Korea University hosts the 2018 KU-Anam Campustown Fair

President Jaeho Yeom, and Lee Seung-ro, Chief of Seongbuk-gu hosted round-table conferences with tenant representatives and others.



Korea University hosted the 2018 KU-Anam Campustown Fair in the Global Conference Hall of the Centennial Memorial Samsung Hall at 9:30 am on Tuesday, September 18


The Campustown Project promotes co-operative development on the part of universities and communities by expanding the work of the university throughout the community, beyond the limits of the campus. KU-Anam in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, is the initial locus of the Campustown Project, and Korea University established the Anam-dong Campustown Support Center of Korea University in 2016, which commenced operations last year.


The 2018 KU-Anam Campustown Fair was organized to reflect the accomplishments of the past year. During the Fair, various parties such as students and faculty from Korea University, local youths and residents worked together with the goal of the revitalization of Anam-dong and also to serve as a springboard for future business expansion and community development.

At this event, <Smart Start-up Village Conferences> was held to share the vision of building a Campustown organizational ecosystem and to begin realizing that vision. Under the themes of ▲the establishment of a youth entrepreneurship village ecosystem, and ▲a youth entrepreneurship and regional connection plan, Jaeho Yeom, the President of Korea University and Seung-ro Lee, the leader of the Seongbuk-gu local authority, Korea University professor Minho Chang, who also serves as the director of Medit Inc., and Campustown tenant representatives from Pop-in Bridge and Aiol engaged in discussions.


Following the round-table conference, an awards ceremony was held to announce the achievements of the Campustown tenant teams, to extend the support of the initial entry teams, and to present an award to the winning team of the start-up contest. In addition, time was set aside to allow each team leader to gather and to present and discuss their ideas and operations.





At the ceremony, the president of Korea University, the heads of local governments and local congressmen also discussed the potential for a win-win relationship between the community and the university. President Yeom said, "I will make sure that Korea University and Anam-dong will jointly develop in a way that is similar to what Stanford University and Silicon Valley did together. Anam will become a campus town where new knowledge can be created.” Lee Seung-ro, the leader of Seongbuk-gu local authority said, "In such a short period of time, it seems that the enthusiasm of the students has already achieved great success. Together with Korea University, we will provide generous resources to Anam-dong Campustown, helping it to become a center of Seongbuk and Seoul."


Korea University aims to attract greater interest from investors through the announcement of the Campustown tenant team's achievements, and it plans to create an environment in which more and more youth teams can compete in start-up contests.



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