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Contact List

Personnel from each department have been appointed as representatives of students with disabilities for the convenience of the students. If you have any questions regarding campus life or if there are any inconveniences, please contact a representative and we will be happy to answer your inquiries.

Support service
Support Center for Handicapped students
Jung, Hae Young
Excutive Education Welfare
Careers Development Center
Kim, IN KI
Career counseling

Education Team

(Humanities and Social Sciences)

Yi, Sun-ah
Class-related support
Planning Team

Hong, Jun Suk

Academic Affairs Dept.
Cho, Jeoung-mee
Educational Rights guarantees
Educational Development Institute
Cho, Sung Hee
Teaching and learning-related

Design & Construction Team

Park, Jahyun
Facility Support
Dormitory Management Operation Team
Jung, Young Gyu

Safety & Security Team

Dong, sang hyo

Comprehensive Campus Safety
One-Stop Service Center

Jo, Tae Young

Complaints counseling
Office of Admissions

Choi, WonSuk

Special Education Special Offers
Student Welfare Dept.
Yu, Kyung Hee
Health counseling

Readers’ Services Dept.

Yoon, Minhye

Support for Using Library
Support Center for Handicapped students
Tel: 02-3290-1535~7 Update : 2018-08-02