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Academic Regulations

Article ⑭ (Transfer), Academic Operations Regulations Article ④ (Qualifications and Procedure of Enrollment), Article ⑧ (Types & Application Qualification), Article ⑨ (Range of Application), Article ⑩ (Method of Recruitment), Article ⑪ (Credit Recognition for General Transfer Student), Article ⑫ (Credit Non-Recognition for Transfer Students on Bachelors Degree), Article ⑬ (Credit Acquisition of General Transfer Student), Article ⑭ (Credit Acquisition of Transfer Student on Bachelor Degree), Article ⑮ (Recognition of Registered Semester)


Transfer to KU from other institution or equivalent.

  1. 1
    Those who transfer to the university to complete the remaining undergraduate degree course after having studied in a university for a certain period of time
  2. 2
    Transfer to the university after obtaining a bachelor's degree.
Eligibility(general transfer admission)
  1. 1
    Transfer admission: of the second grade: Students who completed more than the first grade in 4-year regular university, graduated (will graduate) from college or have more than same qualifications.
  2. 2
    Transfer admission of the third grade: Students who completed more than 2 years of 4-year regular university, graduated (will graduate) from college or have more than same qualifications
  3. 3
    In addition, students who have qualifications of the number 1 and 2 in accordance with national regulations and Academic Regulations such as 「law of high education」, 「enforcement ordinance of high education law」, etc.
Range of application and method of application

Refer to the notice of recruitment of transfer admission in homepage of entrance (http://oku.korea.ac.kr/).

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Recognition of credits
  1. 1
    Less than 18 credits in case of 17 credits per a semester (university(college)) whose minimum credits of graduation is more than 135
  2. 2
    Impossibility to attend subjects whose credits are recognized again
  3. 3
    In case of general students in college of education, recognition of credits for majoring subjects will be recognized for only cases that majors of previous school are same as majors of this school.
  4. 4
    As general students who obtained transfer admission, subjects completed in previous school are recognized as the primary major and the secondary major within ½ of minimum credits of dual degrees.

For students who obtained transfer admission on bachelor degree cannot be recognized by credits acquired in previous school.

  • General inquiry: Entrance division (+82-2-3290-1251~9)
  • In relation to tuition: Financial division (+82-2-3290-1184)