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Academic Regulations

Article 36 Section 3, Academic Operations Regulations Chapter 7 Section 2

A Student who fullfill the graduation requirements of the 1st major, can pulsue a dual degree from other department / division.
  1. 1
    Students who acquire more than total 102 credits (34 credits for transferred students)
  2. 2
    Students whose GPA including F is more than 2.50.
  3. 3
    Enrolled students in the semester of application. (students who received permission of dual degrees cannot apply again.)
Date of receipt

Mar.(first semester), Sep.(second semester)

For detailed schedule, refer to the notice of dual degrees recruitment in portal and homepage.

Application Procedure
  1. 1
    Standard of evaluation: Grades, study plan, etc. must follow the evaluation standard of each college/school
    (Evaluation of grades reflects the GPA of all the courses enrolled (including F) before the semester of application.)
  2. 2
    Online Application
    Korea University Portal to Information Depository (http://portal.korea.ac.kr) Registration/Graduation University Registration Apply for Double Major
  1. 1
    The following departments are exceptions to the above: the departments of Law, Medical Science, Pharmacy, Cyber Defense, and the Division of Computer and Communication Engineering.
  2. 2
    Restrictive colleges(departments) : College of education is limited to students who completed in college of education.(Department of computer education cannot apply.)
  3. 3
    Others : For college of health, only college of bio engineering, college of bio system medicine and science, college of health environment integral science and college of health policy management can apply. But, among the students in college of health and science, enrolled students from 2006 to 2013 cannot apply. (All of students cannot apply to existing departments of the college of health and science (clinical pathology, radiation, physical treatment, dental laboratory science, health and administration, food nutrition, environment health, physical medicine and engineering).)

College of health(departments related to adjustment of health & medical personnel supply, clinical pathology, radiation, physical treatment, dental laboratory science) can be completed by dual degrees, but certificate of applying national examination cannot be provided.

Method of Recruitment
  • Humanity & natural departments(college) : document screening and interview(English interview for college of internationality)
  • Art and physical education departments(college): document screening and interview or practical test

For recruitment costs, interview, schedule of successful students presentation, etc., please refer to the notice.

    • Anam Campus: School affairs division of supervised university Dean’s Office (double major)
    • Sejong Campus: School Academic affairs Support
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