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Academic Regulations

Article 36 Section 3, Academic Operations Regulations Chapter 7 Section 1

Completion of more than 1/2 of other department's basic curriculum besides the 1st + 2nd major.

Minor cannot be the 2nd major.

Students whose 1st major has been assigned and registered for more than 3 semesters.
Application Scope
  1. 1
    Departments similar or identical to the 1st or 2nd majors may not be selected.
  2. 2
    minor of the department (college) which is not established in Sejong campus can be completed in Anam campus in pursuance of a minor.
  3. 3
    Students selecting an identical or similar department established on both Anam and Sejong campuses to fulfill a minor option should do so at the campus which his/her 1st major is affiliated.
  4. 4
    Student whose 1st major is at College of Education are limited to minor within the college. The college of education selects 10% of admission quota for freshmen admitted in 2006 and 2007.

    As for freshmen admitted in 2008 onwards, no minor within the college is allowed due to the abolishment of teaching certificate for minors.

  5. 5
    Law School, School of Medicine, College of Nursing and College of Pharmacy are excluded from the minor.
Application Period

At the beginning of March(spring semester) or September(fall semester)

Application Procedure

  1. 1
    Application in hard copy
  2. 2
    Submission of curriculum which student wishes to minor
  3. 3
    Approval(signed) by head of the affiliated in department and also a head of the minor department.
  4. 4
    Application submission to the affiliated college/school

For the detailed procedure of application, please refer to the notice at Portal for Application guideline for minor.

  • The corresponding department of Dean's Office