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Academic Regulations

Article 11, Article 51 (Credit Withdrawal), Article 70(Repeating Course(s)), Annex7


Repeating Course(s)

  • Courses in which a grade of C+ (2.50) or lower has been awarded may be retaken.
  • Credits transferred from other institution (usually for transfer students) cannot be repeated at KU.
  • Courses that were taken at an exchange partner institution during the study abroad cannot be repeated.
  • Credits (courses) that were withdrawn cannot be repeated.
Guidelines on Repeating a Course(s)
  • Grade for a course that has been repeated cannot exceed A(4.00) and if a student took it for the 3rd time, the grade cannot be higher than B+(3.50)
  • The higher of the first or second grade is reflected in the GPA but both of them will be shown on the academic transcript. The lower grade therefore will be shown as ‘R’ (retaken)
Contact Information
  1. 1
    Anam Campus
    - Corresponding Department Office
    - Academic Administration Division (Humanities and Social Sciences: +82-2-3290-2733, Natural Sciences and Engineering: +82-2-3290-4563)
  2. 2
    Sejong Campus: Academic Affairs Team (+82-44-860-1124)