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CTL : Center for Teaching and Learning

  • In order to promote effective lectures, Korea University facilitates various training programs to improve teaching capabilities and to learn how to use multimedia. For undergraduate and graduate students, various learning support programs are offered to meet the diverse demands of learners, thus enhancing self-directed learning abilities. In addition, through leading the Open Education Initiative, KU shares its excellent educational contents around the world to help maximize the effectiveness of pedagogical methods. It also spearheads the creation of a global learning environment via a real-time video lecturing system.

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Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Blackboard, the next-generation learning management system (LMS), is a platform of an integrated education portal for teaching and learning. The system provides students with a learning environment and supports the teaching activities of professors based on various teaching and learning models. The educational information system also unleashes creativity through building an ecosystem for social learning and cooperation, encompassing community, research, and a mobile learning environment.

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    • Center for Teaching & Learning
    • Tel: 02-3290-1585
    • E-mail :
    • Fax: 02-921-0680

Global Leadership Center

  • The Global Leadership Center, by offering various programs, supports undergraduate and graduate students to acquire the values required for leaders in the era of globalization. These include the Global Leadership School, Global Leadership Special Lectures, Global Round Table, international internships and academic exchange activities at home and abroad. It also develops partnership and networks with relevant domestic and overseas institutions.

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    • Global Leadership Development Center
    • Tel: 02-3290-2691~4
    • E-mail:
    • Fax: 02-921-4035

International Writing Service(IWS)

  • International Writing Services (IWS) enables students to successfully express their academic accomplishments and full potential by offering consulting services to those who find writing in English challenging. Its high-quality translation and proofreading services help ensure that KU students and other authors effectively communicate their message.

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    • Center for Foreign Language Education
    • Tel: 02-3290-1547~8
    • E-mail:
    • Fax: 02-921-0069


KU’s libraries form the hub of intellectual services, satisfying the demands and requests of KU’s intellectual community as well as providing the primary venue for knowledge and information sharing. To help all members of KU unlock their capabilities and potential, the libraries provide optimized services to support education and research based on specialized knowledge and information and provision of advanced digitization facilities.

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