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Course OfferingPioneering intellectuals, innovating KU!

Korea University offers open lecture programs, where anyone can access excellent courses.


  • As part of Open Educational Resources (OER), KU OCW serves as a venue where anyone can access to learn, share self-created materials and build knowledge anytime and anywhere. In addition, resources in Korean are open for everyone to participate in translation to help other language users make the most use of them.

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iTunes U

  • iTunes U, featured by Apple, is arguably the world’s largest platform of free downloadable educational resources. Over the platform, over 500,000 educational materials are currently offered by at least 1,000 institutions from some 26 countries. Since 2013, Korea University has been engaging in the iTunes U learning endeavor, thus tearing down school walls and sharing the best lectures of KU with learners around the world.

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Discover KU

  • As an open campus program, Korea University initiated Discover KU, the first of its kind in Korea, to provide an opportunity for elementary, middle school and high school students as well as general public to experience KU lectures.

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