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Development Strategies


Korea University: Opening the Future, Leading the Future, Creating the Future

  • Korea University aims to overcome the internal and external limitations
    it is currently facing and to become a university to lead a new future in the 21st century.
  • It will reaffirm its reputation as one of the world’s renowned universities by fostering intellectuals
    not as weary but as independent pioneers in the era of limitless competition.
  • It will take the lead in creating a new future by developing knowledge
    that can change and lead our society and the world.

Core Values

KU-The Future

  • PrideInculcating pride
    in every member
  • PracticeWidely contributing
    to our society
    and the world
  • ParagonBeing a role model
    for Korean universities

Development Objective

To become a global university which contributes to
through world-class education and research

“The cradle of well-rounded, world-class intellectuals”
Fostering intellectuals with talented skills and high character
Nurturing hearts to serve others
Cultivating intelligence to contribute to the world
“Promoting world-class research to contribute to humanity”
Promoting world-class research to contribute to humanity
Contributing to the prosperity of the nation and the world by sharing research achievements
“Creating values through a world-class university administration”
Realizing a caring, accurate, and prompt administration
Receiving trust from university and society members through its professionalism

Development Strategies

  • Stage 1: Within 3 years
  • Stage 2: Within 10 years
  • Education

    Stage 1: Constructing a foundation to foster self-regulating intellectuals

    Stage 2: Taking a leap toward becoming a university which can cultivate world-class intellectuals

  • Administration

    Stage 1: Constructing a foundation for efficient and professional administrative services

    Stage 2: Globalizing the university administration

  • Research

    Stage 1: Constructing a foundation for world-class research achievements

    Stage 2: Taking a leap toward becoming a world-class, research-based university

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