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[Human Rights Center] 2020 HRGE edu.
  • Writer : KANG JIYOUNG(Human Rights Center)
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  • date : 2020-05-06

Hello, this is The Center for Human Rights & Gender Equity


KU has provided Human Rights and Gender Equality Education to all members of KU since 2017 to enhance human rights sensitivity and the perception of gender equality.


2020 Human Rights and Gender Equality Legalㆍ Compulsory Education is available on Black Board(http://kulms.korea.ac.kr)


-Student :from May 6th,2020 to February 26th,2021

-Faculty : from may 7th 2020 to December 31st 2020 


Step1 Watch all 7 Video Clips

Step2 Quiz (Score 70)

Step3 Click ‘Confirmation Course Completion’ and Write portal ID/PW

The registration is as follows.

Blackboard > "안내 페이지" > “2020법정의무 및 교내권장 교육-00분반" click

Detailed manuals are attached below

Inquiry : Human Rights Center (02-3290-2843)

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