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Dear KU students
  • Writer : Jeon mi hyeon(e-Learning Team)
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  • date : 2020-03-10

Dear KU students

To prevent the spread of Covid-19, Korea University has decided to offer the first weeks of class via online. 

In order to successfully provide online class to students, Korea University has recently switched to the cloud server and adopted a new online lecture tool. Last week, over 1,500 professors and graduate teaching assistants participated in online lecture tool workshops.

We acknowledge that online class is not as good as face-to-face learning environment. 

However, please understand the emergency disaster situation in Korea and the fact that many members of KU are working hard day and night to provide online lectures without technical problems.

Please read the following announcement:

Online Class Format: All the courses at Korea University, both undergraduate and graduate, will be offered as either (1) Real-time online lecture or (2) Pre-recorded lecture.

Check Your Blackboard: Blackboard is the main tool for your communication with professors. Before the semester starts, each professor will make an announcement via Blackboard how they are going to offer class online (either real-time or pre-recorded lecture). Make sure you check Blackboard frequently and update your email on the Portal (Portal – Registration/Graduation – Edit University Registration).

Check Your Email Frequently: Your professor may email you to make an announcement.

Courses that You Haven’t Registered For: Most online courses are offered via Blackboard. If you have not register for a course you wish to take, you won’t be able to take the first weeks of online class because you don’t have access to that Blackboard course. Email your professor and ask him/her to put you as an ‘auditing student’ (청강생) in his/her course. Then you won’t need to miss the first class. You need to give your student number and Portal ID to your professor.

As an auditing student, you will become a regular student when you register for the course. When you decided not to register for the class, your professor will remove you from the Blackboard course. In either case, there is no penalty.

Unauthorized Recording and Distribution of Online Lecture: Korea University prohibits unauthorized recording of online lectures. Do not share recorded lectures with others or sell them to others. You are responsible for legal consequences.

Other things you need to know for real-time online lecture

(1) In principle, you need to use Chrome browser. iPad or iPhone may require Safari instead of Chrome.

(2) Find a quiet place where you can focus on the lecture. The Internet connection must be fast and stable. Check the speed before class.

(3) You can use mobile devices to take online class. But we recommend that you use a computer than runs fast.

(4) You need a microphone for courses that require interaction such as language or seminar courses. It would be even better if you have a webcam. Make sure your microphone and webcam work fine before class.

(5) For real-time online lecture, your professor will post an announcement in the Blackboard as to how to enter the online classroom (e.g., Youtube, Blackboard).

(6) If you under the online classroom using a specific URL, you may be prompted to enter your name. Please enter your full name plus student number (e.g., 홍길동2020000212) so that your professor can check your attendance.

(7) It may takes a few minutes to enter online classroom. We recommend that you enter online classroom 5-10 minutes before the class starts.

Check out the Q&A of Online Lecture from https://kucom.korea.ac.kr/em/5e6628fec9a4. 

Check out Kultips (kultips.korea.ac.kr) for more information about online class.

If you need technical support, contact us at (02)3290-5021~26, 5128, 5129 or elearning@korea.ac.kr


We hope to meet you soon on our beautiful campus as soon as we can. Stay healthy and good luck on your e-learning.



E-learning Support Team, Center for Teaching and Learning

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