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[3.31 Update] Notification of Emergency Measures Following the Raising of the Virus Alert Level to the “Highest”(Summary)
  • Writer : Park, Yong Joon(Student Affairs Dept.)
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  • date : 2020-02-27

As Coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) rapidly spreads to local communities, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) raised the virus alert level to its highest level, ‘Red’, on February 23, 2020. In order to protect the safety and health of all KU members and local communities, the following intensified safety measures are enforced. We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation. The following measures may change depending on the degree of the spread of COVID-19.

2020. 3. 2. Updates: Schedule for the changes on dormitory entry, Reduced library hours and the notice on the closure of library

2020. 3. 3. Updates: Restricted entry to buildings on Seoul Campus

2020. 3. 4. Updates: New plans for experiment/training/practice courses

2020. 3. 5. Updates: Access control to SK Future Hall

2020. 3. 11. Updates: 2 Weeks-Extension of Period for Restricted entry to buildings

2020. 3. 19. Updates: 1 Week-Extension for Mendatory Online Lectures, Dormitory entry schedule

2020. 3. 23. Updates: Another 1 Week-Extension of Period for Restricted entry to buildings

2020. 3. 31. Updates: Additional Extension of Mendatory Online Lectures, Dormitory entry schedule, Restricted entry to buildings


 Changes to Academic Affairs

1. Major Changes to Academic Schedule for the 1st Semester of 2020

  A. Commencement of the Semester: Monday, March 16

  B. Midterm Exam Period: Monday, May 4 ~ Friday, May 8

  C. Final Exam Period: Monday, June 22 ~ Friday, June 26

  D. Summer Session: Monday, June 29 ~ Friday, July 17

       * The summer session period is reduced to 3 weeks and classes will be held 5 days per week

   Changes to Final Registration Period: (Financial Department) Registration Information Link


 2. Changes to Course Registration Period: (Educational Affairs Team) Notice Link


 3. Plan for Course Operation

  A. Classes will be held during the midterm/final exam period except on the actual day of the exam (evaluation activity) itself.

B. Online courses will be provided for the first seven weeks or more(until May 2th) from the start of the semester.

- Classes that are not suitable with online courses(e.g. classes involving lab experiments or outdoor practices) are also recommended to commence with other means of classwork not involving offline attendance for the first seven weeks.

- For more information regarding the operation of online courses, see the Announcement tab for each of the registered courses on Blackboard (https://kulms.korea.ac.kr/


4. Related Inquiries

  A. Information regarding Academic Schedule and Courses

    - Department Office of each college Link

    - Educational Affairs Team: 02-3290-2735

  B. Information regarding Technical Support for Online Courses

    - Online Course Manual: posted on https://kultips.korea.ac.kr

    - Tech Support Contact

       Liberal Arts & Social Science Department : 02-3290-5021, 5023, 5025, 5128, 5104~5107

       Science & Engineering Department : 02-3290-5022, 5024, 5026, 5129, 5261~5264


5. Special Leave of Absence : (Educational Affairs Team) Notice Link


 Operation of Multiuse Facilities

0. Use of Multiuse Facilities* and Request to Refrain from Mass Events**

   * Facilities used by unspecified people

   ** Group events regardless of label, e.g., events, performances, education sessions, orientations, etc.


1. Notice on Restricted Entry to buildings on Seoul Campus Link

- Period: March 4 –  May 3, 2020 * Dates are subject to change.

- All campus buildings will be closed and only those with relevant ID card for access will be allowed the entry.

- SK Future Hall : Access control to the entrance and the suspension rental service(group study lounge and Carrel)


2. Schedule for Dormitory Entry

- Entry to the dormitory is completely banned for those who have resided in the countries, territories or areas with confirmed cases of COVID-19 (including China) and 14-day quarantine has not yet finished.

- Students wanting to secure a dorm room must submit the [COVID-19 Symptoms Checksheet] before entering the dorms, containing records of your body temperature and possible symptoms in the past 14 days.


Name of Dormitory

Entry Schedule (changed)

Student Building (Direct Management)

From 12 am, Wednesday, April 29, 2020

 The schedule may change depending on the degree of COVID-19 dissemination and the school policy thereto. Any future changes will be notified.

Edu 21 Korea University Student Dormitory (Private Investment)


3. Reduced Library Hours (Enforcement Period: Tuesday, March 3~ until further notice)

- Notice on Reduced Operation Hours and the closure


Operation Hours

Reading Room/Group Study Room

Main / Science / CDL / Law / Graduate Reading Room

25% of the 2,803 seats in the reading room will be   available during this period

Weekdays: 9:00~17:30

Weekend : Closed

Central Plaza, Hana Square

Reading Room / Gruop Study Room & Carrel



Main / Science / Law / Graduate / CDL Stacks

Weekdays: 9:00~17:30

Saturday 09:00~13:00



 - Enhanced Access Control

A. Outside visitor access restricted

B. Use of hand sanitizer and mask as directed

C. Temperature self-measurement (individuals whose temperature is 37.5 or higher will face entry restrictions)

D. Only those students with assigned seating will be admitted to the reading room


4. Museum Exhibition Hall Temporarily Closed

- From Wednesday, February 26, Museum Exhibition Hall will be temporarily closed for the interim period. (The Curatorial Department and Archives & Records Center will operate normally.)


5. Operation of School Cafeteria

- The existing operation method for winter vacation will be maintained.

- Entry is allowed after temperature is checked and hand sanitizer used as guided by the staff at the entrance of the cafeteria.

- Dispersed seating advised when using the cafeteria (avoid crowded seating).

- Outside visitors are advised to refrain from use.


6. Sports Facilities Temporarily Closed

- Tiger Dome, Hana Square Fitness Center, 4.18 Memorial Hall Gym, Ice Rink

- From Sunday, March 1, Gyms will be temporarily closed for an interim period

- Unused hours will be reserved until the operation of the facilities.  


We ask for the active cooperation of all members of KU to overcome this difficult crisis wisely.


KU Committee of COVID-19 Prevention and Control


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