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2020-1st Semester Anam Global house Dormitory Recruitment
  • Writer : Choi Hee-yeon(Dormitory Service Team)
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  • date : 2019-12-12

1. You can use Anam Global House single room for 25 weeks (6 months) or 17 weeks (4 months). (Bathroom facilities are installed in the room and are shared by the roommate.)


2. Recruitment has not been confirmed.

3. You can live in dormitory for 25 weeks (6 months) or 17 weeks (4 months). You can choose one of them but 6 month-applicants have priority.

- 25 weeks (6 months) : 20.02.2020~13.08.2020

- 17 weeks (4 months) : 20.02.2020~18.06.2020

* You have to leave before due date.


4. Qualification of application and Assignment Priority

1) Qualification of application

: a graduate student attending Korea University in the first semester of 2020. (who graduated and a completion student cannot apply)

2) Assignment Priority

(1) Graduate students who applied 6 month period and live abroad (not Korean).

(2) Graduate students who applied 6 month period and live in Korea.

* If too many people apply, we select students according to place of residence (how far from KU).

* You should fill out only facts and submit documents of residence.



5. apply date : 30.12.2019~16.01.2020 (until twelve at night)



6. How to apply

- You have to apply through our website .

- Non-assigned student (freshman) enter a candidate number to create account




7. You can check results after 21. 01. 2020. (Tue). Visit our website in the afternoon.



8. Notes

- You should fill out facts and agree to provide personal information.

- 4-month applicants have to change their room if they apply for extension.

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