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[KUSSO] Volunteer Work at KU Anam Hospital Children’s Ward
  • Writer : LEE DOHYUB(KUSSO Support Dept)
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  • date : 2018-03-08

[ 1st semester of 2018, KUSSO Recruitment for Volunteer Work at KU Anam Hospital Children’s Ward]


[KUSSO] Volunteer Work at KU Anam Hospital Children’s Ward

KUSSO is recruiting volunteers for a program for patients at the Children’s Ward in KU Anam Hospital. The program will consist of sessions where volunteers educate young patients about overall health and safety within the hospital, and fun & beneficial activities for the patients to remember. We welcome responsible volunteers who are interested in this program.

1. Content: 1st semester of 2018, Volunteer work for child patients and legal guardians at Children’s Ward in KU Anam Hospital.

2. Period of Activity: Friday, 16th of March, 2018 – Friday, 1st of June, 2018

3. Hours of Activity: 2:30pm – 5pm, every Friday during period of activity

* Exceptions including exam period & school festival week
* The 9 Sessions will be: 03.16, 03.23, 03.30, 04.06, 04.27, 05.04, 05.11, 05.18, 06.01
* The first volunteer session on 16th of March will start 30 minutes to 1 hour early due to OT at hospital.

4. Place of Activity: 53 Ward, 5th floor, KU Anam Hospital

5. Volume of Recruitment: 12

6. Period of Application: 2nd of March, 2018 – Midnight, 10th of March

7. How to Apply: Please download and fill out the application form from the KUSSO Homepage and submit via email (

*. Submit email with the following  title form:

8. Acceptance or failure will be notified personally throughout 12th of March.

9. Contact us with any of your inquiries to our person in charge: 10th KUSSO member Cheol-yeong Park (010-8469-0701)

Orientation Schedule for General Students (Students who are NOT members of KUSSO)

: OT for Planning Department will be at 7pm on Wednesday, 14th of March.

Hospital OT for General Students will be immediately before the first volunteer session on Friday, 16th of March.
General Students MUST attend the OT to volunteer in program.

Participants can get Confirmation of Volunteer Work Issuance under the name of head of KUSSO.
Participants may not be able to get Confirmation of Volunteer Work Issuance if not met with our program standards (ex. Attendance)

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Korea University Social Service Organization

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