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[Dept.of BCE] - Colloquium Announcement on Mar. 12, 2018
  • Writer : 송정민(Global Leader Development Division in Brain Engineering)
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  • date : 2018-03-06

Title: Visual Intelligence and Platform 

Speaker : Dr. Jongyoul Park(Visual Intelligence Research Group, ETRI)

Date: Mar. 12 (Mon.), 2018

Time: 05:00 PM 

Location: Woo Jung Information & Communication bldg., Room 601

Hosted by Dept. of Brain & Cognitive Engineering, Korea University / Institute of Brain and Cognitive Engineering, Korea University / BK21+ Global Leader Development Division in Brain Engineering, Korea University / Interdisciplinary Major in Brain and Cognitive Science


Recently, Visual Intelligence technology gives commercial and political interests the ability to manipulate the way we see and understand such as visual access control, behavior understanding of military service and intelligent border control.

In this speaking, we introduces visual intelligence and related platform technologies including visual discovery platform (it is name of DeepView Platform). Additionally, following items will be covered for the understanding of visual intelligence.


- Data Driven Intelligence

- Large Scale Deep Learning

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