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[재무부] 2018-2 Fall Semester Tuition Payment Information
  • Writer : Kim Ji Yeon(Financial Dept.)
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  • date : 2018-08-09



This information is for CURRENT undergraduate and graduate students' Tuition Payment.


 Information on tuition deduction for students doing extra semester(s) >> 바로가기

Information on tuition payment in installments and registration >> 바로가기

Information on Tuition Plan 2018 >> 바로가기


 Any re-admitted undergraduate students of 2018 fall semester must print the tuition billing by clicking the link where it says 바로가기 below. 

 고지서 출력 >> 바로가기 


The dates for applying leave of absence or returning for 2018 fall semester has been changed (from August 1st ~ 27th) . The application for those are closing by August 24th. Please note that international students must apply leave of absence or returning by visiting their department office or emailing the actual application form during the specified dates above.

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