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2018 Freshman Seminar Notice
  • Writer : Jessie Ji-Hye, Choi(Institue for General Education)
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  • date : 2018-01-30

1.  Freshman Seminar is categorized in Required General Studies as a course that all the admitted of Korea University should take.


2.  Freshman Seminar has been modified and we, Institute for General Education would like to give you a brief information on how it has been changed.


A.  Course Information

***for the year of 2018***

Course No. Name of course Credit(hour) Open semester Note
GEKS005 Freshman Seminar I 1(1) Spring

- compsoed of Online Seminar & Department Seminar

- I & II are in no need to be taken in order.   (ex: the admitted of the fall of 2018 can take Freshman Seminar II first and then take the I in the upcoming spring semester.

GEKS006 Freshman Seminar II 1(1) Fall


*** For those who haven't taken the freshman Seminar or need to retake the class***

 2018 Freshman Seminar Notice

 ** If those admitted in 2017 and before take GEKS006, the course will not be considered as Required General Studies 


B.  Detailed Information

1) As mentioned earlier, Freshman Seminar is composed of "Online Seminar and "Department Seminar"

2) Here is the detailed information on "Online Seminar"

Name1 Name2 Open/Close Period Note
1.  안암골 호랑이 생활기 (All you need to know about KU) 1-1 History of KU

Open: 18. 3. 19 Close: 18. 5. 11

- All the vides need to be watched thoroughly

- Must pass all the quizzes after each video

1-2 Welcome to KU
1-3 Etiquette of KU

2.  대학에서의 성공적
     학습 가이드

(Study Guide for successful life in College)

2-1 그릅과제(Group Project)
2-2 보고서작성(Writing a report)
2-3 학습윤리(Study Ethic)
3.  안전관리교육
(Safety Education)
3-1. 공공장소안전(Public Safety)
3-2. (응급처치)CPR
3-3. (재난안전)Emergency Management


2) Online seminar and Department Seminar both need to be completed in order to pass the course, and the final decision on the pass/fail will be made by your professor.

3) Online Semiinar is composed of blackboard posted videos and quizzes.

4) Your professor or department will be contacting you later regarding the detailed information on Department Seminar.

5) Information on Online Seminar of Freshman Seminar II will be annunced before the start of the fall semester.


3.  Already enrolled students of KU must register the course on your own during the registration period, and for the year of 2018, the course will be automatically added to your registration system by Institute of General Education.  


4.  For inquiries, please contact Institute of General Education at 02-3290-1591.

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