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Notice of Application for Early Graduation in the second semester of 2017
  • Writer : Academic Administration Divison(Academic Administration Division(Humanities and Social Sciences))
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  • date : 2017-08-11

Application for Early Graduation


Academic regulations and rulesArticle 41(Graduation Requirements) and Article 42(Degree Conferral) of Section 4 of The Constitution of Korea University, and Article 56(Basic Requirements for Graduation), Article 57(Credits Requirements for Graduation), Article 58(Early Graduation: General), and Article 59(Early Graduation: Special) of Section 5 of Academic Regulations


Early Graduation: General

1. Qualifications for Application: To be eligible for early graduation students must satisfy requirements as follows;

1) Complete 17(18) credits or more each semester(15 credits or more for semester exchange in overseas universities)

2) Complete 108 credits or more(112 credits for departments/division requiring 135 credits for graduation requirements/ 117 credits for departments/division requiring 140 credits for graduation requirements) and Obtain a cumulative of GPA 4.00 or higher without an “F” grade.

3) A cumulative of GPA is calculated based on all courses he or she received.


2. Students are not subject to early graduation, if he or she

1) is from Department of Architecture, College of Medicine, Department of Cyber Defense, or College of Pharmacy

2) is transfer student

3) received academic warning while in the university


3. Requirements for early graduation

1) Satisfy graduation requirements of department/division he or she is pursuing

2) A cumulative of GPA 4.00 or higher without an “F”grade


4. Application -> Registration &Graduation -> Early Graduation


Early Graduation: Special 

1. Qualification for Application: Successful candidates of combined bachelor and master degree program


2. Requirements for early graduation

1) Satisfy requirements of Article 56 and 57

2) A cumulative of GPA 4.00 or higher

3) Registered seven semesters or more in the university


3. Application:

Submit application form to a department/division office he or she is pursuing


Where to submit: Department Office

Application Period: Wednesday, September 1(FRI), 2017. 10am ~ September 20(WED), 2017. 5pm

Required documents:

A copy of Early Graduation application form,

A copy of Recommendation letter for Master course(Department office)


Please download and fill attached application form



Agust 21, 2017


Academic Administration Division Educational Team

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