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2017-Spring semester Guidance of Freshman Seminar
  • Writer : Suk, Min Jung(Institue for General Education)
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  • date : 2016-07-22

■ All Freshman students SHOULD complete , one of the required elective courses.

■ Course Information


Course No. 


Grading system

Spring Semester


P/F (judged by each faculty advisor) 

■ Composition

(1) Departmental Seminar

      - Informal meetings with your faculty advisor (ex. in-person meetings, career exploration, field trips, etc.)

      - Find out your designated faculty advisor after April 3rd on Blackboard system and contact to the faculty advisor.

(2) Online Seminar

      - Period: 2017. 4. 3 (Mon) ~ 6. 28 (Wed), 6. 30 (Fri) 13:00

      - Watching online lectures and taking quizzes via Blackboard

      - Must complete the following three designated courses in each semester

            ① Safety Education

            ② How to write college report

            ③ Life at KU

■ Notice

      - All 2017 Freshman students will be automatically enrolled.

      - If you retake or haven't taken the course, you MUST register by yourself.

      - English/Chinese subtitles will be provided according to your preference.

*Contact for Inquiries: Institute for General Education 02-3290-1594 or smj1593@korea.ac.kr

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